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能以英語做presentation(簡報),已是職場生存必要的技能之一。在做簡報前,簡單來說,我們首先要對該簡報定下明確的目的,然後,我們要了解聽眾的需求,接下來便是準備簡報的資料。但大家必須要注意,既然稱得上是簡報,我們就千萬不要過度冗長,而且要避免使用過分書面的詞彙,畢竟這是一個口述的表達,同時,也應盡量減少專門性的術語(technical jargon),除非聽眾對那些專有詞語己是耳熟能詳。下列是一些做簡報的簡易百搭句式,供讀者即學即用。

1.    開門見山說明簡報目的
不管聽眾是否清楚理解簡報的主題,在簡報開始時,最普遍的開場白,便是先介紹簡報的目的,例如:I’m here today to present ….。這是一個非常簡潔而實用的句型,其他的例子還有:
⦁    My purpose today is to present (next year’s marketing budget).
⦁    The reason why I’m here today is to present (next year’s marketing budget).
⦁    The aim of this presentation is to illustrate (next year’s marketing budget).
⦁    In this presentation, I’d like to explore (potential investment opportunities).

2.    清晰逐一列出大綱
說明目的後,我們一般都會列出簡報的大綱,而大綱的關鍵是要條理分明、次序清楚。要達到這點,我們便要運用次序連結詞(sequence linkers),如firstly, next, finally 等。
⦁    I’ll start with….. Next, …. Finally, …..
⦁    Firstly, …. Secondly, ….. Last but not least, …
⦁    To begin with, …. Moving right along, …. To conclude,….
⦁    I’ll open with…. Then, I’ll…. And I’ll wrap up with….
⦁    I’ll like to start off by …. Then, I’ll go over ….After that, ….Finally, …..
a.    I’ll start with a brief description of our latest product. Next, I’ll outline its various functions with a short demo.  Finally, I’ll discuss the marketing strategies and logistic issues.
b.    I’d like to start off by outlining some facts and figures about the consumer market in Japan.  Then, I’ll go over the examples of advertising that have been enormously successful in Japan.  After that, I’ll introduce our analysis of the current opportunities in the market as we see them.  Finally, I’ll finish by explaining how we will go about entering the Japanese market based on our recent research.

3.    進入正題前先作提示
在開始討論不同主題之前,我們可以把該段內容的重點重申一次,讓聽眾更有條理地掌握內容重點。除了使用I’d like to introduce…的句型外,我們還可以使用以下類似的句式:
⦁    Now I’ll go over the first point, which is…
⦁    That brings us to the second point, which is…
⦁    It’s time to discuss our last section - …

4.    說明圖片內容
不論你用的是PowerPoint或Keynote,在檔案裏加插適合的圖片、照片和圖表是常識吧。所以,我們做簡報時,我們往往需要說明圖片的內容,比如:As you can see from the graph, profits rose substantially from 7% to 15% last year. 這句子的目的,是請觀眾注意眼前的圖像,並把要講的內容與影像互相印證。其他的例子還有:
⦁    These photos of … show/ indicate/ demonstrate/ illustrate/ depict/ reveal that…
⦁    As seen from this chart, ….
⦁    In this diagram, it highlights the fact that …
⦁    If you take a closer look at this bar graph, ….
⦁    May I draw your attention to this pie chart?  It is evident that…

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