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大型的健身中心,早在20年前已經在香港出現。到現在,各種連鎖式的健身中心,更是隨處可見。 每個人到健身中心的目的都並不一樣:有些人想做多點運動來保持健康(stay healthy);有些想保持體型 (keep fit);有些想減肥(lose weight);有些想增磅(gain weigtht);有些想增加肌肉(build muscle);有些想塑身(shape their body);有些則想眼睛吃冰淇淋(have eye candy)。不管你健身的目的為何,如果你和外國同事或上司一起到健身中心,又或要與在場其他的外國人溝通(尤其是在中環、金鐘的健身中心),一些基本有關健身的英語,的確是不能缺少的。承接上期的話題,這篇我們繼續看看其他有關健身的實用句式與情景對話。

1.    What kind of facilities do you have?(你們有哪些不同的設施?)
2.    Can you show me how to use the equipment/ treadmill here?(你能否給我示範怎樣運用這裏的設備/ 跑步機?
3.    When’s the quietest time to come in and use the gym?(一般什麼時間過來健身,這裏的人會較少?)
4.    How late do you stay open?(你們晚上開到什麼時間?)

1.    My muscles feel numb.(我感覺肌肉痲痹。)
2.    I can’t move a muscle.(我動不了。)
3.    I’m going to spend another 30 minutes on the exercise bike.(我會在健身腳踏車再鍛鍊30分鐘。)
4.    It’s so packed in the gym after work.(下班後健身房非常多人。)
5.    I'm going to relax a bit in the sauna.(我要去桑拿房放鬆一下。)
6.    How many sets should I do?(我應該要做多少組?)
7.    How many reps per set?(每組應重覆做多少次?)
8.    You should wear comfortable, breathable clothing and running shoes in the gym.(在健身室內,你應穿著舒服、透氣的衣服及運動鞋。)
9.    Don't exercise on either an empty or a full stomach.(請不要空着肚子或太飽時運動。)
10.    Remember to warm up and stretch your muscles before you do any kind of exercise.(緊記做任何運動前,要熱身及伸展肌肉。)

May:     What're you up to (有什麼計劃) Daniel, aerobics (帶氧運動) or treadmill (跑步機)?
Daniel:     I want to relax first. So I think I'll go for (選擇) the aerobics. How about you?
May:     It makes no difference (這沒有分別) for me, either way: aerobics or treadmill.
Daniel:     I get tired on the treadmill quickly these days.
May:     Did you try to lower the pace (減慢步速)?
Daniel:     Yeah. I was doing fine at a lower pace, then my personal trainer (私人教練) increased the pace a little bit.
May:     How often are you doing it?
Daniel:    Well, I go on the treadmill twice a week. For the last two months, I've kept putting it off (延遲).
May:     The cardiovascular (心肺功能) activities are like that. If you stop running even for a week, the heart gets lazy.
Daniel:    What time does the body combat class start? I need to change to my gym outfit.
May:    Take your time (不著急、慢慢來), Daniel.  Now it's only seven. The class doesn’t begin until eight.
Daniel:    Great! Then let's meet in the studio before eight.
May:    Okay. See you then.

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