Transitional beauty time

3 years ago
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wow! no more sleeveless and hot pants now! it's freezing every early morning when the lazy me needa get out of bed and get changed into cozy  thick and warmy outfits.  i have talked a little on hair in my last couple posts, so let's go back to some beauty essentials i just tried lately and find perfect for the season like now. it's the transitional beauty time! let's go!



let's start with this exciting one! it's the latest new in for luxelab, the radiance polishing lotion which comes in a mist bottle. it's perfect as a toner and as a refreshing mist. it not only offers radiance like polishing your skin as its name, it also helps firming, soothing and instant lifting. one special tip for you all, do a nice misty layer right before you do any paper masks, it just helps to enhance the result of your mask a million times better! it's truly amazing. trust me! *u* next, we have a cream-serum. honestly, it works like any other anti-aging serums, but, its texture is just so silky which i can't help falling in love with it. serums normally penetrates really fast and you'll need to do creams right after. but for this one, it feels so comfy already when you use it alone. i guess in summer time, for normal to oily skin, this is good enough on itself too. it helps to repair the skin, stimulates the natural production of collagen and improves radiance. radiance is really important for healthy looking skin. 

先介紹這個吧!‘拋光奇蹟水’由 Luxelab的推出的最新產品, 是一支充滿水份的保濕噴霧。作為爽膚和喚醒皮膚它非常好, 會令皮膚提供光擇感,就如它名字一樣。它也可以幫助撫平皺紋,潤膚同時提升。其中一個護膚小貼士,就是在敷任何紙臉膜前,先做一層保濕打底,這樣的話可以讓臉膜功效提升一千萬倍!會有超級驚喜喔~信我吧!下一步就是導入精華。事實上,這個和市面上一些抗老精華有類似功效,但質感非常的幼滑,所以讓我不能控制的瘋狂愛上了它。精華多數吸收得很快,所以一塗上後,不久便要再塗臉霜。但唯獨這款精華,單用也可以會讓人感到很舒服。我想若在夏天的話,中性至油性肌膚,單使用這款精華也可以足夠了。它有助修改皮膚底層,促進天然膠原蛋白合成,以提高光澤。要緊記高澤感,會讓人想起健康皮膚!

for day moisturizer, here i got a weightless one from fresh. it offers supreme nourishment with a velvety whipped texture. fresh products are known for its natural and effective ingredients. this one here feels just perfect for this dry and chilling weather, offers complete protection for our skin. the beautiful gucci bottle one is the makeup prime they got in their newly launched makeup line. great pleasure to have met the international makeup artist of gucci, aaron smith henrikson, at the personal makeup service session. he is such a lovely person, very talkative nice and friendly. so happy to know he is from LA as well, where i used to go to makeup school there. he worked with pat mcgrath for years and he also did Madonna’s makeup from time to time. he told me he used to have pink and purple hair also, just that he is now representing gucci, so he's now very smart and elegant looking and full set of gucci suit. cool* this is the silk priming serum which does magic when preparing our complexion for a flawless makeup application. it smooths fine lines and offers instant hydration. skin is left feeling soft, supple and optimized for even foundation coverage.

對於日間保濕,我這裏有支來自Fresh 的零重量的輕盈乳霜。它質感軟軟綿綿的,亦包涵了 大量的營養在內。Fresh 出名產品採用天然的原料和成分,而這款對於乾燥,甚至乾裂的皮膚可以凝成一層保護膜,是冬天的好幫手!另外,旁邊那支打底霜是GUCCI最新推出的化妝支線,選用了華麗的包裝。非常榮幸那天可以在個人化裝服務當中,和它們的國際化裝師 aaron smith henrikson 見面。aaron 很貼心,說話也十分的親切。知道他原來也是從LA 回來便很興幸,因為想當年我也是在那裡讀化妝啊!他也曾經在 pat mcgrath 做了幾年,也曾與Madonna 合作無間。也告訴了我,他很久前也試過把頭髮染成粉紅色和紫色,但現在身為代表Gucci 的國際化妝師,則有一份成熟和專業味道,甚至他的全套西裝也是來自於Gucci 的。這支是絲滑底霜精華,就是當想你要一個無暇的底妝時,這支就像麼法一樣可以幫助平滑細紋,以及即時補水。皮膚會變得很細滑,更會提供有小量的遮瑕,展現勻淨的膚色。

and last but not least, this is the pudding as dessert for tonight. i'm not kidding! this is the L’Oreal revitalift laser x3 night cream-mask. it looks like panna cotta! it really does! it works better than a night cream like a sleeping mask, yet offers not only hydration but also miracle like any highly effective facial treatments just like a beauty sleep effect. do you get what i mean here? if not, you should simply give it a try. and of cos, put these into your skincare-to-buy list if you are thinking of a transition on your beauty routine. enjoy pampering your skin! goodnight~*

來到最後,這是我晚餐的甜品布丁啊~哈哈,開玩笑啦!這是L’Oreal活力緊緻光學嫩膚活肌修護彈力晚霜。外形真的有點像義式奶酪,由其打開後更像!它比起晚霜,其實功效更像睡眠臉膜。不但只是提供補水,但奇蹟地會有種像做完facial 一樣的效果!明白我說甚麼嗎?若不能夠想像的話,不防去試試吧!當然,若你在想在轉季改變護膚的程序,把我推介的都列入購買行列吧!好好呵護肌膚吧~晚安~*

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