3 years ago
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With the rise of temperature over the past week, we are finally getting a glimpse of Spring! 

I’ve been trying different kinds of outfits lately, and with the sport luxe trend still at large, I thought I could give it a go. The colour combo and stripes on this Claudie Pierlot top creates a slight ‘tennis player’ vibe, but thanks to the collar it’s a lot more chic than simply sporty. I then paired it with a Club Monaco leather skirt giving the look a more sophisticated feel, while the laser-cut details grants an extra modern touch. 

I really like this Balenciaga bag from their Cruise 2015 collection. The overall design stems from the Padlock collection yet with inspirations from the sea and modern sailboats, I can almost feel the sea breeze just but looking at it!

Balenciaga Padlock Anytime bag
Club Monaco laser-cut leather skirt
Claudie Pierlot top

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