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Clothes can easily be used to express your personality, your mood that day, to give off a powerful first impression. 

Getting Over The Bad Habits

It’s easy to throw on the same failsafe dress every time you go out to dinner, because you don’t know what else to wear; Or to put on the same jeans and shirt combo every weekend, because you don’t have time to shop for a new option. And when in doubt: wear black. It’s the safest color - it’s slimming, inoffensive, and you won’t stand out from the crowd too much. 

When I work with men and women in performing makeovers, these are the stories and, often, the excuses I hear time and time again. But keeping clothes as a uniform, as a non-thought, as nothing more than something to cover your back, makes me really sad. 

When you give a little time into figuring out your body shape, and browsing the racks for flattering shapes, new prints and bright colors, there’s a world of style out there to help you achieve so much more from the way you dress. 

How to edit your personal style? 

Start by figuring out your body shape, and learning which fit or trouser, skirt or top flatters those curves. Do a little homework – check out fashion blogs, magazines, go to areas of the store you normally wouldn’t, and try on some new shapes. If you’re not a dress-wearer, for example, try on five different shape dresses. Take heels into the changing room with you – that will help streamline the look.

Then, experiment with different colors next to your skin tone, and see which compliments your complexion best. 

Finally, be brave and invest on one bold item you would never have looked at in the store before. This could be a sexy red dress, a fabulous high heel, or a bedazzled bag. Make a deal with yourself to wear it with the true confidence of someone who deserves to wear it, at least once a month. See how different getting dressed in the morning feels now! 

Louise Roe is a noted TV host and fashion editor. Catch her new reality TV show, Fit for Fashion, on StarWorld and her personal blog, Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @LouiseRoe.

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