It’s Stylish to Sweat

4 years ago
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Sometimes being in the fashion industry it can be really easy to get caught up—whether you are getting caught up in the latest clothing trends or the newest diets. With so many choices and information going around, it is understandable how people can lose their way. Often times I am asked to share my thoughts on what I think will be the newest, best style or comment on the current trends. Fashion and style can be based on an opinion or an idea. It is like a form of art, so technically there is no exact right or wrong answer. However, I’m often asked about my diet and skin regimens, which pertains more to health so there can be more objective approaches. Like fashion and personal style, health and lifestyles differ for people and not all routines are suitable for everyone. If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle though, it’s a simple answer for all people: stay active and eat clean.

Christmas and New Year holidays are always symbols of two things: indulging and setting goals. The way I think of it, why wait until the new year to start your goals? Let’s just start right now. By exercising and keeping yourself active, when the holidays roll around, you can still indulge and not feel so guilty. Although it is definitely easier said than done, try to find an exercise that you enjoy so that working out does not have to feel like a chore. It’s a great release to help you sweat out the trials and tribulations of the day or it can be a great wakeup call in the morning. I enjoy switching up my routines so I never get bored, and in turn, your body doesn’t get bored either. This helps with keeping muscles toned and boosting your metabolism to burn fat. Before I used to do CrossFit and yoga extremely often, but I’m currently obsessed with spin classes, hiking, and doing the Insanity work outs. 

The best way to create a routine is to stick with it. Our everyday lives are so busy and unpredictable, but if you find a way to designate a time specifically for exercise, you will make it a priority in your daily routine. I find that working out early in the morning gets me pumped and full of energy for the rest of the day, but sometimes I can make time to work out maybe even twice or three times a day. Of course you should find the regimen that best suits your own body, but be sure to make time for it.

Like the saying goes, it takes 21 days to make something a habit, so you will soon be on your way to exercising daily. With small spaces in Hong Kong, I recommend finding work out videos online such as yoga classes or exercise routines like P90x or Insanity because they require little to no equipment and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Signing up for the gym is always a plus but the problem can sometimes be physically bringing yourself to go. Hong Kong also offers plenty of good hiking trails, and with the current nice weather, you can make a day out of it with friends to hike or run in the morning or over the weekends.

It’s definitely important to keep your body moving, but the new you transformation also has to happen in the kitchen. Hong Kong is a mecca for foodies and also unhealthy eating with lots of places using too much oil, sugar, and fats. The key to keeping good health and fitness is to eat clean as well—in short, my own definition of eating clean means to eat wholesome, good, power foods. If it can spoil, then you should eat it. The less processed something is, the less preservatives it has, which is better for your body. I always try to eat a wholesome breakfast after I work out to keep me energized and sustained for the rest of the day. Foods like whole, raw oats with fruit, yogurt with berries, and anything smothered in almond butter is a good way to go in the morning. For lunch and dinner, I try to have more vegetables and lean proteins such as fish, tofu, and avocados. By eating healthier, your body will feel much better as well. In the morning you will wake up more energized and throughout the day you will feel less groggy and more focused.

Health and fitness is more than just action though. It’s also your mindset and how you go about understanding your own needs. By listing my skincare routine and daily diet, it could be possible that others could follow it with little to no results. Exercise and sweating everyday helps to get my skin glowing afterwards, and healthy eating gives me energy to keep exercising, which gives me a stronger, fit figure. The reason why diets are so hard to follow is because your mindset is that you are restricting yourself from something that you usually have (maybe it’s sweets or carbs), so your body feels a craving for it. By developing a healthier diet in general and eating clean, you can see that food is fuel for your body, and not a reward for working hard or working out. It can be a great lifestyle change to help you maintain health and strength and in turn, help you work out your goals for a leaner, fitter you in the New Year.

If you ask what my skincare regimen and diet plan is, I will always go with my motto—eat clean and train hard. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps me get glowing, vibrant skin in conjunction with an active lifestyle. Your body’s sole purpose is to work and help keep you alive and well. You should treat it with care and attention in return, and your body will show you results just in time for 2014. It’s hard to stay motivated (it’s hard for me too sometimes), but stick through it and you’ll be glad you did.

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