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Hair Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

3 years ago

As much as hair and hairstyles can be called an accessory, let’s face the rude awakening: it’s a lot tougher to change the look of your hair rather than a pair of shoes or your handbag. Hair can be cut shorter for instant edge, or you can spend hours in the salon adding in extensions for not very instant elegance. Stick to your natural color for a healthy shine, or dye it for artificial pizazz. Although your hairstyle is probably more constant than your changing style, it keeps your outfits polished. It either adds unspoken dimension or in your face personality whether your hair is short, long, red, brown, curly, or stick straight. This season’s hair trends are more fun than ever, and give a welcoming change to the hair from the cold winter. 

At some point, every girl covets the super straight look. We go to salons for a blowout for our instant satisfaction and have all gotten a burn mark at some point from the ceramic hair straightener. The runways this season heard our pleas for stick straight hair as seen at the Derek Lam, Marios Schwab, Saint Laurent, and Michael Kors shows. I’m lucky to have naturally straight hair, so I don’t follow much of a routine, but I’ve had plenty of experience hearing from friends the different crazy regimens they follow to get the sleek look. Don’t forget to use heat protecting products for your hair whenever dealing with high temperature styling tools. Heat protecting sprays and serums are perfect to run through your locks before the breathy blows of the hair dryer or the heated crimp of the flat iron. For those with talented wrists, use a large barrel brush when giving your hair a blowout, to get rid of all your hair’s natural waves and curls.

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