Hair Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

5 years ago
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As much as hair and hairstyles can be called an accessory, let’s face the rude awakening: it’s a lot tougher to change the look of your hair rather than a pair of shoes or your handbag. Hair can be cut shorter for instant edge, or you can spend hours in the salon adding in extensions for not very instant elegance. Stick to your natural color for a healthy shine, or dye it for artificial pizazz. Although your hairstyle is probably more constant than your changing style, it keeps your outfits polished. It either adds unspoken dimension or in your face personality whether your hair is short, long, red, brown, curly, or stick straight. This season’s hair trends are more fun than ever, and give a welcoming change to the hair from the cold winter. 

At some point, every girl covets the super straight look. We go to salons for a blowout for our instant satisfaction and have all gotten a burn mark at some point from the ceramic hair straightener. The runways this season heard our pleas for stick straight hair as seen at the Derek Lam, Marios Schwab, Saint Laurent, and Michael Kors shows. I’m lucky to have naturally straight hair, so I don’t follow much of a routine, but I’ve had plenty of experience hearing from friends the different crazy regimens they follow to get the sleek look. Don’t forget to use heat protecting products for your hair whenever dealing with high temperature styling tools. Heat protecting sprays and serums are perfect to run through your locks before the breathy blows of the hair dryer or the heated crimp of the flat iron. For those with talented wrists, use a large barrel brush when giving your hair a blowout, to get rid of all your hair’s natural waves and curls.

Besides keeping things straight, the warm weather always calls for the romantic, soft, beach wavy hair that we all wish we could go get by spending the afternoon on the beach. On the runway at Burberry, Giles, and Missoni, carefree beach waves were spotted in many looks. To get an effortless look, I always prefer to use a curling wand instead of a curling iron. It gives a much simpler and more natural curl that bounces with your every move. If you only have a curling iron, it has the same idea—just wrap your hair around it without using the clamp. Like previously mentioned, add some product to the strands of your hair and make spaced out curls throughout your head. Comb through them with your fingers and add some ocean water styling spray to give hold and add curl. Another easy way to get wavy hair is to tie wet hair into a braid, let dry, and unravel. It’s one of the most versatile looks you’ll ever perfect. Beach waves go with everything during the warm weather!

Unconventional buns and knots were spotted throughout the Spring/Summer 2013 runways. Tell your slicked back, tight bun to move aside for a more relaxed look. I love throwing my hair into a quick bun—it’s the easiest way to get the hair out of your face, and it looks like you put effort into it. Valentino and Matthew Williamson models all sported relaxed buns with side parts or messier textures in their catwalks. Marni and Chanel opted for a more fun look with loops and knots in their styles. If your hair is long, there are endless ways that you could style this. Give your sock bun a break, and experiment. Not only can you strike gold with random knots and loops, this style goes with everything. And it’s definitely more interesting than your day to day ponytail.

Maybe the Greasers got a thing or two right when they kept their perfectly coiffed manes slicked back with product. Although the wet look was a trend on the runway this season, it wasn’t completely a fresh out of the shower look. It was a wet look finish to complement all looks—knots, buns, hair let down, and low ponytails. The models in Victoria Beckham and Rag & Bone all donned slick, edgy hairstyles that can also be easily perfected with practice and the right product. Hair oils and hair gels and mousses applied directly to wet hair can achieve the same moist look without it seeming like you left the house in a hurry. Follow in the Rag & Bone footsteps and contrast your hair between wet and dry textures by slicking hair back, blow drying, and combing the front with gel. It’s the easiest hairstyle for all lengths.

With the sun shining, it’s also time to get the lemon out, because the runway also said that we should all go lighter. As in platinum blonde lighter. Actually, that look isn’t fitting for all, which is unfortunate as I always wonder if blondes really have more fun. Ruby Jean Wilson, the poster child for this hair color who has recently been shot for Marc Jacobs, sports the platinum locks with confidence, something you need to have to make such a bold statement. Not only can you let your entire blonde style do the talking, but with such light colored hair, you can also add some fun colors for an even louder statement. I love the periwinkle and lavender dip dyes and ombres that continue to gain followers.

My hair has gotten a lot longer than it used to be at its usual shoulder length, and I love it. I throw it into a bun or crazy knot for a quick, out of my face “style” if you can call it that. It’s second nature to put my hair up. I’ve also gone a few shades lighter myself. It’s no platinum blonde, but I’m following the same runway footsteps and experimenting to find a look that I like. 

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