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It’s been about a week since Coachella has been over, and although the withdrawals are starting to go away, I can’t help but be reminiscent on all the fun that was had! Not only is the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival a huge musical event in Indio, California, it’s also a global fashion event  that’s covered by lots of magazines and blogs. The music was amazing as always, but it was also really cool to see everybody in their own interpretations of festival wear. As expected, shorts, dresses, crop tops, floppy hats, and sunglasses were the staple items to everyone’s outfits. Take me back to Coachella now!

The music festival seems to bring the inner flower child out of all of us, hence all of the flower crowns not too different from Lana Del Rey’s in ‘Born to Die’. Everyone is extremely friendly and chill, which makes it so much fun to people watch since everybody is busy doing their own thing and having a good time. Besides the floral accessories, maxi slit dresses and loose skirts were a common sight on many girls. They were perfect for keeping cool during the day but still having some coverage during the cool desert nights. The weather can be a bit tricky to dress for since it’s extremely hot during the day (good weather this year!) and quite cool in the evening time. Strategic layering is key—I made sure that all my outfits for all three days were as minimal as possible with every piece serving a purpose.

The first day of Coachella was exciting like always—I paired a crop top with a pair of dark denim short overalls for a super comfortable outfit. Denim also made a huge comeback at the festival scene, so I’m glad I went with the overalls. There were plenty of high waisted, colored shorts in the crowd along with printed and bold jeans. I carried a small bag that fit the essentials—chapstick, tissues, phone, money, cards. If your bag is too bulky, it will get in the way of dancing, and it’s also just a hassle to have to carry such a large bag all day.  Don’t forget to bring a hat as well. My huge, floppy hat was a lifesaver. Not only did it shield from the sun, but it was a nice accessory to pull the outfit together. It was perfectly sized as well as it fit the shape of my head well, and it was still in place after all the crazy dancing during the Tegan and Sara set.  My sunglasses of the day were a pair of aviators.

Day two of Coachella is one of the most fun days because you’re still exhilarated from the day before and so excited to do it all over again. I wore a lacy top that kept me cool with the lace ventilation. I paired it with my trusty hat and aviator sunglasses, and followed again with the denim trend with a chambray top tied around my waist for the cooler evening weather. Chambray was definitely everywhere during the festival as guys wore them with their shorts or girls layered them over crop tops and bralettes. With a pair of platform wedges and destroyed denim shorts, I was free to jump, hop, and get weird to all the different sets of the day. Highlights of day two were definitely Hot Chip, the Postal Service, and Major Lazer.

As the third day approached, I felt a little more hippy eighties for our final day of music. I wore a lace dress as a top and paired it with a bright pair of printed jeans. Denim again like the rest of my fellow stylish festival goers. I wore some wedge booties and instead of a hat, opted for a bandana tied as a headband. I also switched my sunglasses to a pair of circular, black glasses to give it a look not far from John Lennon.  Comfort was definitely key with this outfit—the dress was loosely fit and the jeans were well tapered to my body for maximum movement.  I kept the bag small again, using the same bag all three days since I packed as modestly as possible for the short trip to California.

Although accessories aren’t really my thing, I couldn’t help but notice a ton of them on girls everywhere. Stylishly and strategically layered, wrists were covered with chunky cuffs and necks were adorned with large, chunky necklaces made with bright minerals. I also loved looking around at all of the sunglasses, especially since they’re my favorite accessory. I spotted many cool pairs of circular sunglasses that were lined with flowers at the top half of the circle. My favorites were the cat eye shaped sunglasses and all the shades with colorful reflective lenses. They’re the perfect accessory from the sun, and they help cover up your entire face so you can feel free to go to Coachella wearing a make-up free face.

Most music festivals are always a spectacle for fashion, but Coachella is such an internationally renowned event (it’s so big they had two weekends this year) that many celebrities and fashion influencers attend. It’s fun to watch it all—the musical acts are unforgettable, the people are friendly, and the fashion is varied and interesting. Check out the major fashion magazine websites and most fashion blogs (like mine!) for coverage of the Coachella music festival to see more of the street style that was there. 

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