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The Fashion Industry & the Internet

4 years ago

Not only have people become their own businessperson, critic, and stylist through the Internet, but fashion design has flourished as well. The Internet is such a well-connected environment, designers have a new platform to promote their work. Besides being able to sell on your own online shop, designers can also pitch their works to bloggers and brands through these fashion websites. With some luck, their collections and designs can go viral with the help of fashion bloggers and all of their readers. Local Hong Kong fashion blogger and style icon Hilary Tsui created an extension of herself and her fashion with her own boutique, Liger. Not only are clothes from the store modeled on herself on her blog, but she has also created a more intimate connection with her readers who are also now her consumers at her store.
Blogging and the Internet has brought new life into the fashion industry by providing new ways for audiences to participate in the industry. This spark of creativity has allowed designers, creators, and fashion followers to create a new, dynamic relationship, where everybody gets to be part of the show. People are no longer spectators to fashion—they create, understand, and critique what they see, creating an experience that is completely new and versatile. Brands can now use influential bloggers and fashion personalities as representatives of their new collections, and people no longer have to brainlessly accept what designers feed them. They can voice their opinions and add to the ever-growing fashion industry, and it challenges the fashion world to become more innovative and timeless than ever before.

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