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The Fashion Industry & the Internet

4 years ago

Fashion blogs are no longer an unknown enterprise. They have allowed fashion followers to become stylists, documenting their everyday outfits and styles for all to see. The blogs are outlets for sharing their favorite designers and fashion essentials, turning everybody into a fashion fan and critic. Although there are many blogs in the blogosphere, with good content, interesting style, and captivating content, a talented fashion blogger has more power than meets the eye. The fashion industry has discovered just that, now lining bloggers up with jobs with different brand campaigns and with designers even taking notice and seating prominent bloggers front row at their fashion shows at fashion week.
Designers and brands have taken notice of fashion bloggers for many different reasons. Bloggers’ drive and passion are transparent—the content on the blog must be updated regularly and of a particular quality in order to gather a loyal audience and bloggers do their best to upkeep this standard. Not only are most bloggers talented and stylish, but they are also easy targets for large brands who are usually used to working with more famous and more expensive models. When targeting a specific region or age group, fashion bloggers are the perfect choice. They can provide a natural, more relatable canvas for designers and more marketing for their brand as a blogger would probably share these projects with their readers. By seating these bloggers front row at shows, brands and designers are almost guaranteed live coverage on social networks and an article about the show published on the blog.

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