Dior Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

5 years ago
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Renowned fashion house Christian Dior has incorporated bows into its designs ever since its first fashion collection in 1947.  The inspiration behind the bow has been borrowed from the likes of King Louis XIV’s mistress情婦 in an attempt to embody its own image of elegance and femininity. Christian Dior loved to use bows as a finishing touch on necklines, accessories, and his very first fragrance. This season’s Dior Spring 2013 make up line is no exception—the specially crafted Dior Cherie collection recreates the iconic bow shape with a modern twist. 

The Dior Spring Cherie 2013 Collection is a mix of femininity, style, and timelessness. With eye shadow, lip, and nail shades of rosy pink, this collection can be considered as spring’s first bloom. The special Cherie  bow palette commemorates Dior’s ubiquitous bow, with three different eye shadows, an eyeliner, and a lip gloss all in one. The bow theme is once again reflected in this year’s Dior Ready to Wear collection by Raf Simons. The fashion collection showcases clean necklines and modern skirts and hemlines, with dresses and other looks finished off with a ribbon bow around the neck.

The Cherie collection is made up of seven different items. Besides the special Cherie bow palette, one of the most efficient and stylish products is the Dior twin eye shadow duo in Grey Sigh and Ballerina Pink.  This grey motif echoes the grey featured inside the walls of the Dior fashion house and is present throughout the entire collection to add contrast to the girlier shades of makeup. The pens are made up of two ends—one end applies a rich, satin color to the eyelids and the other side is a foam brush complete with shimmering powder to blend the color and add some sparkle. With these eye shadow pens, you can recreate the same rich, pigmented looks featured on the Dior Ready to Wear 2013 runway. It’s the perfect look for simple spring outfits—just throw on a simple skirt and top and let your eyes do all the talking.

With two different eye shadow palettes, one in Rose Ballerine and one in Rose Charmeuse, it is without a doubt that you’ll create your perfect spring look this season.  Both palettes feature rosy, soft pinks, peach, and a contrasting shade that allow you to change up your look for both day and evening. Give your eyes softness during the day with the rosy hues, and switch your look to evening by lining your eyes with the contrast shadow. It’s a softer alternative to the smoky eye and gives your outfit a more innocent charm. 

Glowing skin isn’t the only accessory for the spring—it’s your rosy cheeks. The Diorblush in Pink Happiness features an embossed hounds tooth shadow design, a print featured in Christian Dior’s collections from its inception. Whether you’re in a simple outfit of tee shirt and jeans or a flowery spring dress, if you’re looking for a simple makeup look, just swipe your cheeks with the pink powder and line your eyes. It’s an instantly elegant and effortless look that gives your appearance some “fresh from a walk in the rose garden” flair.

Looks are never complete without the lips, of course. The Dior makeup collection also features the Dior Addict Lipstick in Charmante, Candide, and Espigiele—all shades that have the perfect hint of rose, coral, or peach. These sweet hues are reminiscent of spring’s first rosebuds. Pair a bright pink lip with darker eyes in the evening or more neutral hues during the day. A pink lip is as versatile as the classic red but arguably, more fun. Don a pink pucker with a clean sundress or a top and shorts for a delightful, spring look. 

Spring makeup fun doesn’t end with the face, it ends with the nails. Dior created three new nail lacquer shades perfect for all the new nail trends of the season. The Cherie Bow Vernis comes in Tutu (a pale pink), Rosy Bow (a bright, coral pink), and Trianon Grey ( a delicate grey).  The two pink shades are perfect alone, but combine them for an understated French manicure or a V shape for a two tone manicure.  Not only can they be used to paint in the classic shape, but a pink can also be combined with the grey for a moon shape. Add a metallic gold or silver decal on pink nails to follow this season’s metallic flash nail trend. The clean color matches outfits of all sorts whether you are sporting a dark ensemble or a lighter business suit. 

Pink is a versatile shade because it can be either pale or bright. With the shades featured in the Dior Cherie Collection, your spring looks can be easily mixed and matched and switched from day to evening. Sunglasses are always the best accessory if you don’t have a knack for jewelry and is best paired with a pink lip. Keep the clothing understated but classic—for example, a simple sundress or white top paired with a camel trench helps keep the canvas understated. Add a pink lip with the Dior Addict lipstick and an outfit is polished and pink. Don’t be afraid to don pink on pink either. Pink eye shadow can definitely be matched with a pink dress, but remember to keep the shades different. A pale pink dress can be paired with a nude pink eye—just remember to add a classic cat eye liner for a timeless look this spring.

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