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CLUB MONACO “get inspired by what inspires us”
2 years ago

It’s impossible for the world to stay indifferent to the New York City chic.

Name it the greatest city in the world is not an understatement. If you haven’t been there, go! Not so much for the history…But for the urban energy and mixed culture, New York has a charm that is hard to explain, but merely inspires you and uplifts you to great heights! You will always find new twists to add to your personal style that fit your personality and the current fashion. There are many exciting fashion elements in Club Monaco Spring collection that motivate and inspire our favorite style bloggers that are synonymous with NYC this season.

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Clothing is a way of expression to show your personality. Clothing and style help show people what you’re like. For those who don’t know what their style is or need to spruce up their closet with new pieces for spring, the Club Monaco S/S 2013 collection is the perfect place to find it all.

The collection from Club Monaco finds inspiration from New York City, using its urban energy and excitement as its muse for all the different pieces. The city’s structure is apparent with Club Monaco’s blazers and jackets and tailored shirts found through the collection, and the fun buzz of the city can be found in the form of prints and bold colors.

My style is relatively straightforward and consistent—I like to keep things loose and elongated with sweaters and flowy tops but a more fitted bottom like skinny jeans, tights, or shorts. The new Club Monaco collection has plenty to mix and match with, and I especially love the different styles of shorts they have. With a printed or textured short, you can add a button down top or loose fitted sweater to even out the silhouette.

I also love keeping a long silhouette, for example, with the striped pants paired with a structured, fitted blazer. By adding a bright handbag or a shirt with a colored collar, you can keep the outfit light and fun, without having it looking too serious. Details are also a great way to keep your style distinct. Pencil skirts with glittery details and patterned tops are a nice surprise in outfits when seen up close.


I always believe that costume can be a good storyteller.

That’s why I like expressive silhouettes or looks that speak for themselves. The new spring/summer collection of Club Monaco is one of them. It is a New York story that comes alive with merely clothes. I love the bold color palette. Match the art print shorts with quilted vest, and at once you feel like going for a walk in Central Park amid the cold spring of New York.

That’s what we call free spirit: casual, unrestrained, but refined – a tasteful young gentleman with a free soul. Striped suits and quality Chino remain the heroes of the collection. I especially like matching their art print accessories. As a lively metropolis, Hong Kong always lacks the artistic atmosphere as of New York and men here are reluctant to use accessories with fancy colors. This season, Club Monaco brings us a romantic color palette. Items in turquoise or coral green offer an ideal Bohemian look, while the cherry leisure pants make the season’s must-buy for every fashion-conscious man.

I like adopting a mix-and-match approach to enrich a story with different kinds of accessories. For example, matching a denim shirt with a floral scarf adds mysterious oriental flowers to the story of a New Yorker. I also love making volumes with understated but cool accessories. The pretty light knits with floral prints are cool too. Wear them over a denim shirt and a knitted tie – there comes the New York summer.


I was quite impressed with how Club Monaco captured and expressed the trends in its design; not limited to contrasting texture combos, bold colour blockings but also the complementing minimalistic makeup on the models’ faces.

Talking about a New York state of mind heading west coast (Los Angeles) if you want me to sum up my feelings about Club Monaco’s 2013 Spring/Summer collection.

My passion for sport-inspired pieces is still there, and I am happy to see how the brand has kept that essence and mixed it up with a refreshing twist of chicness. Moving away from just the edginess, now there’s a good balance to showcase the femininity.

The adventure goes on with sharp colours; structured, clean cuts with floral/botanical prints collaging with a variety of textures.Texture combos are quite inspirational such as cotton with leather embellishment on the pockets or hemline, tweed with silk on cropped pants and shorts.Solid orange, sorbet pastels and crisp white are few among the bold color usage in this collection – all screams Spring/Summer!

While Club Monaco has stayed true to its heritage, I still think they have provided a good collection of different styles for us to play with.




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